The Becvar Bass (Bruce Becvar)

This bass is absolutly one of the best basses in the world today! Bruce Becvar was one of Alembic’s premier luthiers. there are onlt two like it. Mine and the second was built for John from the Who, and is the 8-string version and has zodiac signs inlaid on thr neck and an atom on the body. My bass has planet signs inlaid on the neck with saturn in mother of pearl and has a stirling silver Starwars X-Wing fighter on the body. Bruce used Hi-A pickups (pre-Bartolini) and an Alembic bridge. The primary hardwood is Kocabola and Bubinga Ebony fingerboard. This monster weighs in at over 12lbs.




2 Responses to “The Becvar Bass (Bruce Becvar)”

  1. Nick Johnson Says:

    I have a bass that I bought from a bass music store called Bassalone out of California. It is suppose to be a Becvar 4. It has the same symbol on the headstock as the one in the picture above, but it has a different style body and head stock. It has a black lacquer finish with a wood grain upper cutout extending out of the lacquer finish. It has EMG active pickups and brass inlays. I was wondering if you might have any further information about this bass. Feel free to email me.

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