Look Mama I Fixed It!!!

A peek at how I MacGuyver stuff around the house….. hehe

This is my modification to our Dish Network for better reception…

a better dish

OK, here is the new “hot tub” I built for the backyard…


When Moma’s mixer broke, I figured out how we can still make flapjacks!!!  


Here are a couple repairs around the bathroom…


Now that the toilet works, let’s fix that T.P. holder thingy-ma-bob,,,

toilet paper holder

Now let’s take a look at the cars…. hehe

I first did the door on my SUV.. (I am still lookin for who kicked it in!)


Next I had to fix the stupid defroster, those old dryer ducts did just the trick..


Now for a fix under the old hood an “walla”…


And one last thing…. It’s got to be customized,, LOL

landlocked pirate

Now for Mama’s car

This I did after she sideswiped the neighbor’s cow..

side swiped

In order to repay the neighbor, I replaced there hood ornament for free..


and I fixed their headlights… erm

MacGuyver Headlites

Then when my girlfriend hit a buck on the interstate…

Hey it worked!


This is my new idea for a spare tire, what da you think?

spare tire



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