Harp Guitars

The Pikasso Harp Guitar

This guitar has 42 strings to tune…

Here are some other harp guitars

The Knutsen Harp Guitars

The Gibson Harp Guitar

Piper Harp

Perlman Steel String Arch

visit http://www.perlmanguitars.com/arch_harp_guitar.htm



5 Responses to “Harp Guitars”

  1. Chris Borger Says:

    Yet another blog!
    I,ll be the first to comment on the Picaso Methney guitar work in the video posted…. to bad he can,t play worth a shit anymore, he’s lost focus and has no edge…realing on his past give’s me every reason to complane about this artist who had it all at one point then Lyle Mayes left him, he’s never been the same with out good interaction fro his surrounding and p
    Ayer’s that got him there.

    • Anonymous Says:

      First of all, you have no right to complain about an artist. Whether or not they’ve lost focus and have no edge is not a sufficient reason to complain.
      Would you like it if someone did that to you? About your playing abilities? What about your writing skills? I will complain right now.
      You’re grammar is nonexistent. You use commas in place of apostrophes. You’re spelling is questionable.
      You’ve been judged based on your writing skills by someone that doesn’t know you.
      How did that feel?

  2. […] (the Wingert guitar, the Knutsen guitars and the Gibson harp guitar – images via 1, 2) […]

  3. ahmedof Says:

    It is good shapes of this music tools very nice I want hear it s sounds
    very goooood
    thanks alot
    ahmed egypt

  4. […] I love guitars of all kind and the odd ones really apeal to me but every now and then I find one that makes me scratch my head and just say, “Why?”. […]

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